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Translating one mental health provider’s vision for people seeking assistance into a calming web presence.

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The Objective

Ingrid, a psychologist specializing in anxiety and eating disorders, needed a website to amplify her new business. She hired a San Francisco web designer who Ingrid ultimately felt she could not work with because he did not understand her vision. Frustrated, she reached out to her network of colleagues to ask if anyone could recommend a web designer who could turn her vision into a web experience that would connect with her audience. A trusted ally put her in touch with Suzanne.

Website Requirements

  • Calming content and visuals.
  • Intuitive information hierarchy.
  • Persistent contact opportunity.
  • Showcase for Ingrid’s book and other professional designations.

The Solution

Suzanne’s selections of calm, muted visuals offers a soothing backdrop to the website content, which is direct and empathetic, seeking to support the site visitor, while offering them clear steps on how to begin a journey toward wholeness and wellness. Rather than rely on Calendly, Ingrid chose to ask the user to reach out to her directly, to be completely available for anyone in crisis.

A true Renaissance woman, Ingrid practices energy healing and touch therapy in addition to her counseling specialties. Thus, the website required an intuitive information hierarchy that allows the user to quickly identify how Ingrid can be of assistance.

Ingrid was thrilled with the look and feel of the website and continues to evolve it to meet the expectations of her audience.

“It’s perfect in every possible way.”
Ingrid M. Middleton LCSW MSW MS MA


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