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Helping a new product find its audience.

Designing the best website experience requires more than a working knowledge of UX Design, the 'soft' skills of communication and teamwork are equally as essential. Schedules can be tight, and putting the customer first can sometimes mean breaking all the rules of good design.

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The Objective

UST-Global needed to determine how to shape the user experience for a new I.T. infrastructure tool called, DAgility. Targeting global software managers, the experience needed to be light enough to engage their interest, while supporting pathways into deeper level technical content required to gain an understanding of the product. The objective being to drive them into the sales funnel and create a validated lead.

UX Requirements

  • Information hierarchy ranging from new customer messaging to support documentation.
  • Mapping of website experience to DAgility app look and feel.
  • Bold vivid colors and iconography based on the DAgility brand style guide.
  • Rapid evolution of design based on team feedback.

The Solution

Through 40 rapid fire iterations of the design, Suzanne used her ability to inspire confidence across internal and external functional teams to keep the design process on track, and to integrate feedback from stakeholders and business groups into the designs, while leveraging her strong communication skills to amplify awareness of the design progress to the team. Ultimately, the project was shelved during the initial stages of the COVID pandemic

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