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Integrated Builders Group

A design-build firm with a unique audience wanted to increase sales and knew they needed to expand their digital channels but did not have the expertise to do that on their own.

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The Objective

Design-build firm, Integrated Builder’s Group (IBG), felt stagnant in their efforts to expand their niche market of building and remodeling credit unions. The bulk of their marketing budget was tied up in appearing at trade shows and industry events. Long a regional player in the Sacramento area of Northern California, the Executive team saw the need to invest in strategic marketing channels that would expand the IBG brand and grow the business into a national entity.

The IBG partners brought Suzanne on board to create and deploy a strategic marketing plan that would propel them to their objective of being the go-to design-build firm for the credit union industry in the western states.

New Website Requirements

  • Provide laser targeted overview of IBG's design-build services to their C-Suite audience.
  • Use the website as an recruitement vehicle to attract top notch job candidates.
  • Onboard a CRM platform and integrate with the new website to faciliate drip marketing campaigns.
  • Showcase IBG's design-build project portfolio with sumptious visuals.

The Solution

The foundation for the effort began with a website. Beginning with a discovery phase, Suzanne interviewed the staff to clearly understand their objectives and to learn their culture and history. That enabled her to create content within an architected web experience, featuring stunning photography of IBG’s portfolio of projects, that spoke both to the credit union audience, but also worked as a recruitment tool for new employees.

IBG’s long-history of participating in Credit Union vendor trade-show events enabled them to build their brand one-on-one with many of the industry leaders and executives. The launch of IBG’s website and the email marketing efforts that followed, expanded IBG’s relationship with their C-Suite target audience. Newsletters, email campaigns and social media posts drove traffic back to the website featuring the latest and greatest projects. The marketing cycle continued to include appearances and talks at key credit union industry events, supporting relationship marketing efforts enhanced by the digital relationship cultivated through IBG’s new marketing channels.

IBG experienced explosive growth as Suzanne continued to iterate strategic marketing campaigns for the company.

Suzanne’s creativity and steady focus on developing the IBG brand, identity, footprint, market presence on the web, and digital experience was instrumental in bringing in new business and helped expand awareness of the IBG brand identity throughout the Western states credit union community.
Mark Waddell, Vice President of Operations, IBG

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