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Loaves and Fishes of Contra Costa

A website becomes a core communication tool for volunteers, donors and clients of a Northern Californian community based organization.

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The Objective

The team at Loaves and Fishes of Contra Costa (LFCC) were flailing. Their website was old. They were overwhelmed by phone calls from volunteers, donors and clients asking about schedules, ways to donate and how to get a meal. All while they provided 4900 free meals every week across five community dining rooms in Contra Costa County, California.

Supported by a core group of volunteers and donors, as well as local corporations seeking to invest in the community, LFCC needed a new website to connect with their diverse set of audiences. The challenge was to take a complex hierarchy of information and make it easy and intuitive to navigate, while offering a suite of impactful visuals that told the Loaves and Fishes story.

When the LFCC team connected with Suzanne, she was ready to roll up her sleeves and dive into creating a bespoke website from scratch that could meet all their needs.

New Website Requirements

  • Focus on visual storytelling to make an emotional connection with donors and volunteers.
  • Ability to quickly connect target audience to the right website feature or form.
  • Persistent donation opportunity.
  • Intuitive information hierarchy.

The Solution

During the discovery phase of the project, Suzanne interviewed each team member to understand their objectives and incorporate them into the site information hierarchy. Suzanne worked with the LFCC team to create content that speaks to the volunteers, donors, clients, LFCC event attendees and culinary academy students, for whom the website would become an essential communications tool. The LCFF team’s goal was for each audience to find information relevant to their needs on the website, rather than picking up the phone and calling the team, who were losing valuable time responding to repetitive questions.

The information hierarchy Suzanne developed for the site relies on a horizontal menu header broken down into topic verticals, supported by a vertical sub-menu unique to each topic. Visual cues are provided on each sub-menu that confirms the topic area for users, so they are never lost.

An abundance of imagery featuring the people of the LFCC community was a key element sought by the LFCC team for the website experience. Each topic area features a unique slideshow of images that visually anchors the topic section for the user. And helps tell the story of the outstanding work done by the staff and volunteers, while illuminating the goodwill of the clients.

Since launch of the website, the LFCC staff has spent more time feeding the hungry, less time on the phone, and enjoyed increased donations through the website donor portal that has helped the organization grow their efforts.

Suzanne's expertise in website design, marketing, building content, and problem solving have been beyond our expectations... Not only are her skills excellent, but her work ethic, reliability, and communication skills made working with her very enjoyable. Her meetings with my team were planned and productive, she was always conscious of our busy schedules.
Joleen Lafayette, Executive Director, Loaves and Fishes of Contra Costa

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