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Building a website that express one woman’s vision of healing.

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The Objective

Karen Smith had long known that she has a gift for healing. Applying her gift in a practical way enables Karen to help her client’s by removing their psychic pain. As a proponent of the power of positive thinking, Karen also assists clients with their financial well-being, and counsels them on approaching their finances with a positive outlook.

Karen wanted to take her unique range of services to the world wide web so she could connect with a larger audience, but she needed to find the right web developer who could translate her vision into a web experience. After much research and interviewing several web designers, Karen hired Suzanne.

Website Requirements

  • Information hierarchy that concisely presents Karen’s’ array of services and income opportunities.
  • Visual hierarchy that helps defines Karen’s service areas.
  • Scalable website with room to add additional features as Karen’s business grows.
  • Rich visuals and colors emblematic of nature.

The Solution

Suzanne created a highly visual website for Karen, anchored by a slideshow on the home page that uses visuals and slogans to provide a foundation for Karen’s philosophy. The home page uses columns, colors and icons to define each of Karen’s service and income opportunities. The menu acts as a table of contents for the site, efficiently defining the topic areas for the user while leading them to the right place.

The website is fully scalable to allow for easy growth, as Karen expands her business into classes and webinars. She has gotten terrific feedback about the website from her audience, and is excited about continuing to develop her digital relationship with them through engagement with her website

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